Join us in building the the future of AI

Our journey is rooted in a profound passion for transforming industries and improving lives through the power of Artificial Intelligence.

We are constantly evolving our team comprised of experts, operators, visionaries, and technologists from a variety of different backgrounds and skill sets

Our mission is to harness the extraordinary capabilities of AI to address the world's most pressing challenges and unlock opportunities that drive progress.

Our partnerships now extend beyond the tech community to include business customers, academia, athletes, surgeons, and non-profits organizations.

Our values


We think creatively, challenge norms, and explore new frontiers. Neural continuously fosters an environment where risk are embraced and experimentation is valued, driving breakthroughs in the industries we serve.

Responsible ethics

Integrity forms the bedrock of our relationships, as we uphold unwavering ethical standards, prioritize transparency, and trust in all interactions. We act with accountability, responsibility, and moral consciousness, always considering the enduring impact of our decisions.


We actively seek partnerships to combine diverse perspectives and expertise to find solutions for complex challenges. We celebrate the collective strength that arises from working together towards shared goals.


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