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AI-focused cloud services designed for simplicity, efficiency, and scale

Neural Technology Services (NTS) empowers creators, startups, and enterprises by accelerating innovation, development, and deployment of scalable AI solutions.

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Expert partners

Our experts understand the diverse challenges across industries and empower each client with AI solutions tailored to their unique needs and use cases.

Eliminate technical barriers​

NTS removes technical complexities and cost barriers, facilitating smooth adoption and utilization of AI for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Accelerate time-to-market​

We streamline your journey from concept to execution, facilitating agile product development through fast deployment, and delivering bespoke solutions to address complexities in your industry.

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AI Infrastructure as a fabric layer

NTS offers a simple interface to scale and create AI workflows and production-ready applications by deploying one-click apps is a matter of seconds. NTS is comprised of Neural AI-powered platforms, Neural ML APIs, MongoDB, MLFlow, Label Studio, MySQL, and much more.​

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Apps and APIs

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Apache Airflow is an open-source platform for orchestrating and scheduling complex data workflows.

Metaflow is a framework for building and managing real-life data science projects with a focus on scalability, reproducibility, and ease of experimentation.

OpenML is an open-source platform that provides access to machine learning datasets, tasks, and experiments.

Kedro is an open-source data pipeline framework for building reproducible, maintainable, and modular machine learning workflows.

Sematic sits in the middle of your stack and integrates with the tools you already use.



Leverage satellite imagery and data to provide insights into various applications such as agriculture, urban planning, environmental monitoring, and disaster management. Satellite APIs employ machine learning techniques for image analysis and interpretation.


Identify and mitigate biases in datasets, models, or applications. Bias APIs utilize natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze text or data for biased patterns and provide recommendations for addressing them.


Optical Character Recognition extract text from images or scanned documents. OCR APIs use computer vision algorithms to recognize and convert text in images into machine-readable text.


Detect and analyze faces within images or video streams. Face APIs utilize computer vision algorithms to identify facial features, emotions, and demographics.


Analyze and interpret visual content, including images and videos. Vision APIs employ computer vision techniques to extract meaningful information from visual data.


Analyze text data to determine the sentiment or emotional tone expressed within it. Sentiment APIs employ natural language processing techniques, including machine learning algorithms, to classify text as positive, negative, or neutral sentiment.


Provide access to weather data such as current conditions, forecasts, and historical data. Weather APIs use machine learning algorithms to analyze various meteorological variables and provide accurate predictions.


Forecast future outcomes based on historical data and patterns. Prediction APIs leverage machine learning algorithms to make predictions in various domains.

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