Serving public interest through technological innovation

AI for municipalities and government agencies

Neural Federal develops advanced AI and machine learning technologies to promote economic sustainability, bolster national security, improve public health, enhance disaster resilience, and create operational efficiency.

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Technology integration

Whether it's predictive analytics, natural language processing, computer vision, or other AI applications, we develop solutions that address industry-specific challenges.​

Insights & analytics

Our data insights and analytics services enable organizations to uncover trends, patterns, and correlations that might otherwise go unnoticed.​

Research & development

Our research initiatives focus on identifying and exploring new methodologies to ensure that we adapt to ever-changing landscapes and provide solutions for the now and for the future.

Solutions that address real world problems

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Climate and energy

Utilize Neural’s advanced AI/ML, geospatial systems, and digital twin technology to predict and manage risks associated with natural disasters and climate shifts. ​

Healthcare and public health

Implement AI and ML to streamline patient data processing, enhance EHR/EMR systems, and support predictive analytics for disease outbreak prediction and prevention, improving public health responsiveness and patient care quality.​

Food and agriculture

Deploy drone and geospatial technology for precision agriculture, enabling real-time crop monitoring, soil health assessment, and sustainable farming practices, optimizing yield and resource use.​

Supply chain and logistics

Leverage AI, ML, and geospatial analytics to enhance supply chain visibility, predict disruptions, and optimize logistics, ensuring efficient and resilient government agency operations.​

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Neural platforms

Neural Earth combines geospatial and time-series data into actionable insights while leveraging acceleratory AI technologies for near real time risk identification and financial quantification.

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Neural Health's harnesses IoT and time-series data, to enable us to evaluate risks and generate novel insights to monitor and address shifting patterns of the physical world, and human behavior.

Neural Finance makes it possible to analyze, interpret, and utilize financial data to impact banking process efficiency, accelerate financial decision making, operational prowess, and customer engagement.

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Driving innovation with advanced technologies

Proprietary data and AI infrastructure to drive predictive analytics​

Neural combines remote sensing, geospatial, and time-series data into actionable insights for health, environmental, economic,  and agricultural services, and more.​

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Case studies

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Environmental insight

Developed a platform utilizing satellite, aerial, and drone imagery with machine learning and AI to deeply understand global issues like climate change, deforestation, and urbanization. This approach offers groundbreaking insights into environmental and humanitarian challenges.​

Digital rights management

Built the world's first blockchain for a distributed digital rights management solution for global satellite imagery, enabling secure and decentralized access to valuable earth observation data.​

Military healthcare

Developed analytics, EHR/EMR integration, and enterprise architecture for the DoD Health Affairs Military Health System and Veterans Affairs, significantly enhancing healthcare service delivery and data management in critical sectors.​

Public health studies

Delivered comprehensive case studies on the environmental determinants of diseases like Zika and Malaria and the geospatial optimization of water wells in East Africa, contributing to public health and resource allocation strategies.​

Government data security

Managed ITAR, government export/compliance activities, and AWS GovCloud environments, ensuring secure and compliant data operations for U.S.-centric customer requirements.​

Healthcare strategy

Created Mayo Clinic’s 10-year global strategic plan, influencing the future direction of a leading healthcare institution.​

Large scale infrastructure deployement

Implemented Google's Cloud Services in Uganda and Microsoft's data integration and patient record protection in Eastern Africa, promoting digital infrastructure and privacy advancements.​

Healthcare initiative optimization

Led significant projects in healthcare systems, including the integration of the University of Chicago Medical Center’s first satellite hospital and KPI improvements in Nuvance’s surgical departments, showcasing leadership in healthcare operations improvement.​

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