Diverse healthcare for a diverse world

AI-driven Integration of Disparate Data for Transformative Insights

Harnessing IoT and time-series data, our advanced proprietary algorithms enable us to evaluate risks and generate novel insights.

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Health care

Enhance the accuracy and speed of diagnosis; personalize medical treatments.


Accelerate the drug discovery process; analyze large-scale genomic data.​


Streamline the drug development process; improve supply chain management.​

Accelerating insights and quantifying outcomes

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Neural Health’s mission

Neural Health enhances the accuracy and speed of diagnosis and personalize medical treatments through responsible Healthcare Innovation.

We prioritize patient privacy and regulatory compliance, while harnessing AI for data-driven insights that enable near real-time risk identification and quantification.

We monitor dynamic changes in both the physical world and human behavior, and respond with quantitative forecasting for analysis, interpretation, and diagnostic assistance.​

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Insights for a diverse world

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We possess the capability to merge datasets that were previously kept separate, thereby minimizing risks and uncovering innovative solutions based on the integration of previously disparate information.​


Population Health

Analyze large datasets to identify trends and patterns within populations, helping healthcare providers develop strategies for preventive care and health promotion. Targeted interventions can be designed to address specific health issues prevalent in certain demographics

Resource Optimization

Optimize hospital and clinic workflows by predicting patient admission rates, managing bed availability, and improving staff scheduling. Predictive analytics can assist in inventory management, reducing waste and ensuring that essential medical supplies are always available.​


Create and integrate an application into a company's insurance plan can improve the health outcomes for individuals and optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall value proposition for its members.​


Personalized Wellness

Analyze individual health data to create personalized wellness programs for policyholders, promoting healthier lifestyles and potentially reducing insurance claims in the long run.​

Fraud Prevention

Analyze behavioral patterns to detect unusual activities that may indicate fraudulent behavior, helping insurers proactively prevent fraudulent claims.​

Risk Assessment

Assess risk more accurately by analyzing individual health data, medical history, lifestyle factors, and other relevant information to help insurers in setting premiums based on personalized risk profiles.​

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Unify healthcare data and get transformative insights using AI

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