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Blair Austin Childs

Blair Austin Childs serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Neural, a company focused on developing artificial intelligence, data insights, and advanced analytics. With a background in Finance and financial planning, Blair has adeptly merged these domains with AI and technology, establishing Neural as a vanguard in multiple industries, from healthcare to real estate, insurance, banking, and capital markets.

Prior to co-founding Neural, Blair's tenure at Kaufman Hall and BRG saw him providing strategic guidance and leveraging technology for cost optimization across sectors. His multifaceted expertise encompasses financial planning, debt capacity modeling, capital allocation, budget management, and technological advancements in Operations.

Blair's commitment to innovation and technological exploration is rooted in his extensive academic and professional experiences, culminating in a comprehensive understanding of diverse industries and their intersections with cutting-edge technology. Blair earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at The College of William and Mary located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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